Polished Concrete Floor

The concrete floor being polished in a new build family home. In this project the aggregate will be exposed to look similar to a terrazzo finish. The floor also has under floor heating in it, acting as a giant radiator for th whole house. Using the slab like this eliminates the need for a screed or any other finishes. It will look stunning and probably last longer than the house over it! The contractors are Concept Flooring Technology


Architect's ask people to make all the time so its essential we understand the challenges. The best way to do that is to make things ourselves and It doesn't really matter what it is. This is a very quick bench from one old floor joist. Its simple enough but with some subtle cuts that give extra stability. They are just the sorts of complex angles carpenters need to form on jack rafters of a cut roof.

Housing Development in Somerset

We're pleased with this proposal for 10 new homes in Castle Cary. We always use 3D models as a design tool but they're useful for communication and community consultation too. A gentle modernising of the local vernacular allows the scheme to harmonise with the nearby conservation area whilst ensuring comfortable homes with plenty of natural light.

Listed Buildings

Moorhouse Architecture has been approached by a number of clients in conservation areas and or with listed buildings recently. We're very much looking forward to working on these most interesting projects - blending modern architecture with good practice restoration work.

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