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Planning Permission in the New Forest National Park

Architectural drawing, planning drawings, New Forest House Extension, New Forest Architect

Improving the sustainability, functionality and of course appearance of your building are key aspects of all our projects but how do we know what is possible - how much is too much? Having worked in the New Forest for many years now we have a excellent understanding of how to work with the planning constraints to maximise the potential of your project. You may have heard of the '30% rule', which states that a house can be extended by 30% over what it was in 1982. A simple policy which has more or less, stood the test of time. Knowing how the policy is actually interpreted in a multitude of scenarios - integrated garages, loft spaces, covered verandas, attached outbuildings etc is key to understanding what will be permitted. This means we can create a successful design while ensuring no opportunity is missed. Having a good working relationship with the planning department helps us to smooth out any tiny issues. This all means we can't remember the last time the Park authority refused one of our applications.


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